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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  October 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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f0 breaking news this morning at 4:30. a wild scene in denver. police say a shooting that started early this morning led to this crash at 11th and kalamath. >> people were sent to the hospital and investigators are still trying to comb through where that crash happened. good morning, shawn, what do you know at this hour? >> reporter: britt, good morning. they are still busy out work here at this scene. we can see them starting to get one of the two cared involved in this crash removed from the scene. they've been here for some time and we've been watching what's happening for a little more than three hours. take a closer look at the car they're trying to remove.
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rolled over and started this crash. this started with what we're told was a shooting in the lodo area. at least one of those victims got into this chevy suv and were heading to the hospital south on kalamath when they ran a red height and crashed into another car that did have a green light, a nissan suv that was heading west on 11th. the suv with those victims from the shooting rolled over. there were five people inside, all of of them needing to go the hospital. firefighters were on scene, because they had to extricate one of the people inside that car and remove the door from that chevy suv. there was one person in the other car, that person also taken to the hospital. so in all, six people being treated for injuries from this crash. now, we're still waiting to get a little bit more from police. we'll remain on scene, get those details and share them with you throughout the morning. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news.
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shawn, thanks very much. we are talking about another day of record-breaking heat. ashton, it feels like the summertime. >> it really does. feels like late summer. doesn't feel like fall. here in the morning it is cool. 54 now in downtown denver. but keep in mind we should be around freezing. that's what's normal for the morning this time of year. temperatures elsewhere around the state, 30s and 40s in the high country. 40s and 50s for the eastern plains. yesterday we set same thing again today. the record is 80 just like yesterday and our forecast is for 83, just like yesterday. you can see a lot of cloud cover. even though it will feel like it did yesterday, moisture, high level moisture streaming into the state means there won't be as much sunshine today. again, that's not going to prevent temperatures from reaching at least 83. if we had full sunshine we'd be
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forecast ahead. 11th and kalamath where our shawn chitness was reporting from, still delays in that area. southbound along santa fe north of bellevue we had a car into a pole. southbound santa fe remains closed, i-70 and brighton, should be a good drive. but across the denver metro area, we had an earlier accident along yosemite to the west of i-225. ha accident. it's probably cleared up by now. you can see some of the big icons showing you the crashes we're following. thank you. we have more breaking news. denver police are looking for a person who shot a woman near 44th and sheridan. they say the woman was shot early this morning and taken to the hospital. it's not clear how old she is. police are looking for someone in a white older model chevy pickup truck.
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landfill for the body of a 13- month-old boy. that child had been missing in cheyenne, wyoming three days before someone said something. the mother's boyfriend told investigators he gave the child to a man they identified as santiago so he could take him fishing. but investigators believe he was killed and taken to the landfill nort you read in crime stories and stuff like that. it's not something you expect to happen in your hometown. >> investigators say finding that boy could take months. to one yet is charged. a rash of break-ins in westminster has one woman trying to unite her neighborhood. as our jeff todd reports she hopes her neighbors do more than just keep an eye out for trouble. >> it's been happening all up and down the block.
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down just talking to everybody that had been hit. >> reporter: her own shed was broken into. >> there wasn't anything small enough to take. stuff they could put in their backpack. >> reporter: she went to social media to get her neighbors together. >> we had a home invasion right across the street a couple of weeks, and a couple of days ago we had a home invasion two doors down. the last two weeks we've nine or 10 houses hit from behind. >> reporter: she lives on a small street only three blocks long. police say they've only had two incidents since the beginning of september on the street. >> inthe 10 behind the house break-ins were reported, because the police told us how many houses had been hit on this block. >> reporter: that's what's motivating her to keep the neighborhood vigilant. >> i have protection.
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we have flood lights front and back, and a 9-millimeter. >> that was jeff todd reporting. this is not unique to the westminster neighborhood, unfortunately. this is the type of crime we're hearing about all over the metro area. enhancing your security is always a good option to protect yourself. in a political season with a lot of mud slinging new video of a campaign plane being pulled out of the mud at laguardia airport, carrying gop vice pr runway. reporters on board felt the plane hydroplane. nobody is hurt. the ordeal caused the airport to close down for several hours. aurora police are facing criticism after they say they shot a dog in self-defense last weekend. the dog's owner disagrees with this. police say a taser or pepper spray just would not have worked and now the dog's owner
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>> reporter: panic on 911, when neighbors at this complex see a woman surrounded by two aggressive dogs. >> reporter: police say when an officer approached the larger of these two dogs growled, taking an aggressive stance. the officer said he was frightened and shot the dog once. >> for a seasoned officer to say he's never seen a dog act aggressivet what he's talking about. >> reporter: the dog's owner had to put her dog down from his wound. this video of their final moments together has gone viral. >> he did not deserve to get shot. >> reporter: she showed us the other dog in the incident. they're often mistaken as pit bulls, even something officers or not scene did. but police released documents showing the dogs were permitted
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incident. >> she was not attacked. angelo grabbed her dog, roughed him up a little, and let him go. a vicious dog would have killed that dog. >> reporter: police say the breed didn't matter. >> if we're able to comprehend or recognize aggressive behavior, the officers will do what they feel is necessary to protect the public and themselves. >> aurora police say the dog had a prior citation for being an aggressive animal. police were wearing body me yet been made public. changes to the way your internet service provider shares your data, and amazon is set to open some grocery stores across the nation. >> plus vine withers. >> reporter: more companies like exxon-mobil will report
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internet service providers now must get your permission before they sell data they collect about you to marketers. new rules have forced companies like verizon and comcast to tell customers what data they're collecting and why. it could make it harder, though, for those companies to compete with google and facebook when it comes to selling advertising online. amazon shares are falling in premarket trading. they posted its lowest amazon's costs are going up as it builds more warehouses and tries to meet customer demand for quick delivery. twitter is killing off its vine video feature. they say they won't delete vines for now. they will cut 350 job mostly in sales and marketing. >> jill, thanks a lot. this morning, happy friday. 60 degrees in denver. we could reach record-breaking heat. it's unbelievable. >> once again.
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get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. good morning, everyone. this is the news in health. a new study tests birth control could redefine it all. the study finds a man can take birth control shots to prevent their partners from getting pregnant. the world health organization found it was 95% effective. there are some setbacks. men who use the treatment had significant side effects, including depression and muscle pain. more than 75% of participants were open to using this method. researchers at cincinnati's
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prescribed medicines for migraines in kids are no more effective than placebos. more than half of study participants reported fewer days with migraines when they received medication or sugar pills. they suggest the expectation of feeling better may play a role in whether the patient ultimately feels better. weather and traffic now this morning. let's get a pick first of the traffic situation here. joel joel, what's up? >> these are live pictures coming in from our photojournalists eddie castro at the scene. look as he zooms in. do you see that red corvette? it has fresh license plates like it's brand-new. southbound along santa fe. you saw the u-haul store. this is north of bellevue. and southbound santa fe is completely shut down to the north of bellevue. you can see how terrible this crash is this morning. we're going to continue to
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denver metro area, not only do we have jamie here, we'll get an update from her in a bit, our shawn chitness is at 11th and kalamath, a portion of that intersection is closed off. we have these two big crashes onto the roadways that will cause a mess. southbound santa fe closed just north of bellevue. ashton. thanks, joel. yesterday we set a record with 83 degrees. we think we'll today. the big difference between yesterday and today is going to be the amount of sunshine we're going to experience. yesterday mostly sunny. today partly sunny skies. sun will be up at 7:24. like yesterday our normal high for this date, 61. the record for today, 80 set in 1994. there it is, 83 in the forecast for later on. it is mild it morning. certainly does not feel like a late october morning with 60 degrees at dia. 54 in akron. cooler as it usually is in limon with 44.
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30s or lower 40s. we're above freezing state- wide, even in the mountains. highs later on, 60s and 70s over the higher terrain. 82 in greeley. 82 in boulder. and our record of 83 here in denver. again, the difference between yesterday and today, the cloud cover, a lot of clouds streaming over colorado. these are high clouds, these aren't the type of clouds that unfortunately. all the rain and snow is out west. look at california, they're getting soaked with rain, especially from the central valley into northern california. our forecast today, high clouds and more record heat, 83. behind the system that slides through for tomorrow we drop about 10 degrees. so 74. 76 for the broncos game sunday. halloween is monday, high 71. trick or treat temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s. and for tuesday, a little closer to normal, high
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chaotic officer-involved shooting in parker last month, this is what a parker police officer saw before he killed a man that shot a detective. lauren dispirito has the latest on that video released by authorities. >> reporter: the police officer's body camera was rolling september 2nd as he ran towards the sound of gunfire. investigators say the shooter, randy roddick, critically wounded douglas county detective dan brite and was still firing at law enforcement. his wife told 911 dispatchers her husband was drunk and heavily armed. >> where is he at? move, move. >> reporter: the footage shows officer durell take cover as he fires the one fatal shot that stopped roddick. >> i got him. he's down, he's down. >> to have the presence of mind
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to know people are being shot at and to know this guy is armed to the hilt and to be able to stop yourself, take in that picture, slow your breathing and pull that trigger one time and end this thing. >> reporter: he says not only durell, but all officers who fired in an team to stop roddick were justified, bringing to a close the investigation >> lauren dispirito reporting there. officer durell had just gone through weapons training one month before this shooting. today denver international airport wants to fill 400 jobs. officials will have a job fair today from 10 until 12:30 at the green valley ranch recreation center. they need to fill many spots.
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tickets to roger waters. cbs4 has 10 pairs of tickets to give away and one grand prize. the grand prize includes dinner and uber to the show and best seats in the house. it's june 3rd at the pepsi center. for a chance to win. bret saunders breaks down the concert calendar. >> they're probably best known for their sound track work. ? >> but they have a wide sonic power live. they have accordions. they put on a terrific show. i highly recommend then. they'll be at the boulder theater for their halloween shows on friday and saturday night. ? also on friday, one of the pioneering funk bands, the funky meters from new orleans. they are incredible.
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find out about these shows and a lot more at if you're wondering what happened to the colorado avalanche, you are not alone. they haven't played in so long, it's easy to forget their season even started. after five days off, they are finally back home tonight against winnipeg. the season opener was nearly two weeks ago. the av's haven't played at home since. it will be good to be back on home ice. >> that home opener was of a tease for us. being so excited to be back from summer playing in front of home fans. we're really excited to get back in the pepsi center and play in front of the fans again. on the diamond the rockies didn't win too many games this year. they could pick up some gold
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world series game three later tonight in chicago.
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cbs4 investigates a rape case in boulder that left many people stunned and angry. the attacker got no prison time. and the victim feels like she got a life sentence. >> she's sharing her story for the first time. she thinks the system let her down. our brian maass reports. >> how much of this did you consent to? >> none. >> none?
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>> i have got the maximum sentence of a life sentence of having to suffer every day because of this. >> reporter: this was an acquaintance rape in boulder, in march 2014 she was partying with friends, including an acquaintance, austin wilkerson. after a heavy night of drinking, she ended up at his boulder home. >> i was just about to fall asleep and he came in, grabbed my face, was like, i'm going take care of you. >> reporter: she was unable to speak. >> pulled down my underwear and performed oral sex, penetrated me. >> reporter: a jury convicted him of sexual assault, his first criminal conviction. the surprise was he was given 20 years probation, and two years work release. prosecutors pushed for prison
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>> i just wanted justice, which was four to six years. i asked for the maximum sentence. >> you wanted him to go to prison? >> yes. >> reporter: the sentence sparked outrage. 82,000 people signed this online petition seeking the judge's recall. >> is it just a slap on the wrist? >> not at all. >> reporter: lisa moses, a defense attorney who has represented numerous sexual wilkerson, says the sentence isn't soft at all. >> those programs are not easy to get through. for anybody. >> reporter: how unusual was wilkerson's sentence? we analyzed 169 recent sentences to young afenders and found as roughly were sentenced to prison as various forms of probation. 38% sentenced to prison or
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forms of probation. >> in many cases like the wilkerson case is not that unique. >> reporter: the sex criminals unit wanted him to go to prison, but says his sentence is not unusual. >> i think the general community belief is if you get convicted of a felony sex assault you're going to prison. >> is that true? consolation for the victim. >> he chose to ruin his life. but like the sexual assault itself, my life has been ruined without my concept. >> that was cbs4's brian maass reporting. the victim says she is doing better thanks to therapy and some support and she made an impassioned plea to the judge impassioned plea to the judge at the sentencing hearin at ikea, we believe that everything -
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g everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea. donald trump and congressman coffman
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to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. we start with breaking news. in littleton. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. the driver of a car known for its speed crashes into a pole and it looks like a crushed soda can. part of santa fe is closed down. let's go out to jamie leary who is live. >> what's going on there? >> reporter: good have part of the road closed. it's an extremely serious crash involving one car, a corvette. i want to give you an upclose look at the scene. the call came in around 2:00 this morning. actually 20 minutes after 2:00 this morning. just one car involved right now. there were two people inside that car. it's hard to believe by looking at it anyone could have survived. but believe it or not, both were transported to the


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